Parts and Accessories

We offer genuine parts and accessories from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Japan and are the authorized distributors of genuine parts for Mitsubishi vehicles in Sri Lanka . We have succeeded because we are perceived as a reliable supplier.

The market is currently dominated by non-genuine parts for Japanese branded vehicles. However, the genuine product has many advantages over the rest. These include durability, economy, safety and reliability.

Why ‘Genuine Parts' for your Mitsubishi

Though non-genuine spare parts are cheaper, the risk to life and limb is greater. By contrast, Mitsubishi genuine parts undergo long grueling tests before being certified as reliable. These are produced in accordance with a precise Japanese quality management system honed by Mitsubishi's long experience and technical know-how. This not only eliminates defects, but also assures a superior performance.


Genuine Parts

Air Filter

The air filter also performs an important role in safeguarding an engine. Mitsubishi genuine parts are superior to the non-genuine products because of:

  • Highly efficient filtering
  • Larger filtering surface area
  • New construction to improve fuel efficiency and extend service life

Brake Pad

The brake pad is a part that is use to halt the vehicle while driving. The differences between the genuine Mitsubishi product and the non-genuine item are:

  • Brake action stability
  • Heat resistance
  • Wear resistance


Oil Filter

The oil filter plays an important role in protecting an engine. There are notable differences between Mitsubishi genuine parts and non-genuine parts. These include differences in:

  • Oil filter papers
  • Structure and filter efficiency
  • Filter area
  • Sealing method